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Here are some highlights of my writing in various media, genres, and modes. I hope you find the content compelling, and I appreciate your interest. Thanks for visiting the website, and feel free to get in touch.

Essentials of jewish history: Jewish Leadership Across 4,000 Years

Essentials of Jewish History is a comprehensive compendium for ready reference. Both a typology of leadership roles (prophets; prophetesses; high priests; Judges; kings; queens; exilarchs; courtiers; Zionists; generals; sages) and a Who’s Who, its unique value is in outlining and assembling all of these discrete categories in one convenient volume. Essentials of Jewish History is an exceptionally useful resource for scholars and laypersons alike. For knowledgeable readers, it offers the advantages of its systematic organization and inclusivity of content. For readers unfamiliar with Jewish history prior to encountering this book, it affords a newfound and solid grasp of what the first 4,000 years of Jewish history entailed.


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Epic in its scope, Judean Dreams is a remarkable poetic journey across the sprawling saga of Israel. Rich, evocative odes pay lyrical tribute to the peoplehood of the Jews, spanning a vast range of religion, mysticism, politics, history, land, culture and romance. From rocky desert vistas to luscious mountain greenery, zealous rebels to discreet lovers, nostalgic memory to reproachful prophecy, the assembled narrative masterfully traverses the extensive chain of generations and the expansive landscape of the heart. Rekindling the age-old tradition from the Jewish poets of medieval Spain, Judean Dreams is a passionate paean which radiates in its intensity the soul of a nation.